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The CooLooP Active Water Scarf
Questions & Answers

What is a CooLooP™ and what can it be used for?

The CooLooP™ is a long-lasting, reusable water-activated body cooling scarf manufactured by SunScarf International Ltd. to our high standards in Toronto, Canada. The CooLooP™ is used year round to help improve comfort when people experience heat-stress. During times of discomfort, the CooLooP™ effectively lowers the body’s temperature and provides long-lasting relief. This makes CooLooP™ the perfect green promotional item because people can save energy and costs when they lower their air conditioning use. The CooLooP™ helps relieve headaches, hot flashes, discomfort from pregnancy, work, sports, outdoor events, sunny vacations or just about anywhere and anytime that you need to feel cool.

How does the CooLooP™ work?

The CooLooP™ is first soaked in clean water. As water permeates the fabric, super absorbent co-polymer crystals encapsulated in the CooLooP™ then absorb over 400 times their weight in water. The CooLooP™ is "snapped" under the chin and worn like a scarf to absorb your body’s heat. When exposed to fresh air, the CooLooP™ evaporates water and your body’s heat. You can also soak your CooLooP™ in ice-water for a refreshing treat!

How long will my CooLooP™ last?

The CooLooP™ will remain cool as long as water continues to evaporate from it. The more water evaporating, the cooler the CooLooP™, however it is most effective within the first 12 hours after activation. It is best to re-fresh the CooLooP™ in clean, cool water intermittently to maintain hydration and maximize cooling! Some customers report using their CooLooP for over 2 years.

What is the CooLooP™ made from? Is it Safe?

The CooLooP™ contains a non-toxic, super-absorbent co-polymer and is completely safe and environmentally friendly. Our patented Dura-Thin™ construction consists of 100% polyester and nickel-plated brass snaps.

What should I do with my CooLooP™ before I use it for the first time?

Hand-wash your CooLooP™ with warm water and a few drops of your favorite ‘residue and perfume free’ anti-bacterial liquid soap, then rinse thoroughly. Pat dry, or gently squeeze until the dripping stops.

What do I do with my CooLooP™ when I'm finished wearing it?

The CooLooP™ should be hand-washed in warm water and a touch of your favorite ‘residue and perfume free’ antibacterial liquid soap. The CooLooP™ must not be machine-washed. Keep your activated CooLooP™ exposed to fresh air, and hang until completely dry before storing. Your CooLooP should return to its original ‘dry-state’ in a few days, but this depends on air circulation, temperature and humidity. DO NOT STORE YOUR ACTIVATED CooLooP IN A SEALED CONTAINER.

The CooLooP™ is really cool! Can I use it for heat?

Yes! The CooLooP™ can be heated in warm water and used on any part of your body that would benefit from warm soothing comfort. Because the CooLooP™ has nickel-plated brass snaps, it should not be micro-waved.



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02 July 2013

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