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CooLooP User Testimonials

  • Who would have thought something so simple would be so effective!

  • As an avid fisherman, I know how hot it can get on the lake under the burning sun. The CooLooP makes fishing that much more relaxing for me. It truly is the coolest scarf under the sun a real Fisherman's friend! Sean P. Toronto, ON

  • Thanks to the CooLooP's safety snap, it's the only personal cooling garment that I would feel comfortable giving to my entire family. Cherry C. Toronto, ON

  • My CooLooP paid for it's self many times over in lower air conditioning bills! L.C. - Mexico

  • We all wore a CooLooP on our tropical vacation. I wish we had brought a few extras for the friends we met at our resort. We'll definitely bring some on our upcoming trip to the prairies!

  • Now I have a portable air conditioner wherever I go even in my boyfriend's car!

  • The CooLooP helps me achieve peak performance and endurance like never before even in the hottest sun!

  • I couldn't fall asleep for weeks because of menopausal hot flashes. I finally slept an entire night with the help of my CooLooP. Thank you SunScarf!! Joanie Toronto ON.

  • My most recent pregnancy and birthing was much cooler and more comfortable than ever before thanks to my CooLooP. I was so cool and comfortable, I even chose not to have an epidural! Lawrence L. Toronto, ON

  • My grand parents thanked me for making their gardening experience more enjoyable by giving them the gift of soothing coolness from their CooLooP.

  • Productivity is up, and stress is at an all-time low since we've incorporated the CooLooP Body Cooling System into our preventative health & maintenance program. Peter B. Toronto, ON

  • As a busy soccer mom, I was relieved at the quick cooling comfort of my CooLooP. It works so well that the entire team now has their own Sport CooLooPs with their team logo and colours on ice for their cool-down when they come off the field.

  • When I'm sailing or canoeing in the hot sun, there's always a "cooling breeze" around my neck. Paul S. Toronto, ON

  • I'm a successful Restaurateur that understands what a hot kitchen is all about. Since my entire team began wearing a CooLooP instead of a neckerchief, the tension along with the food stopped boiling over! Cathy H. Toronto, ON

  • It gets pretty hot hiking on mountain trails. The big hills don't seam nearly as long and difficult when I wear my CooLooP.

  • The CooLooP gives me a great cool-down after a great work-out. Tom S. Mississauga, ON

  • I live in a top-floor loft apartment with no air conditioner and an entire wall of windows facing South. In the summertime, I would watch my poor dog Roxy struggle with the unbearable heat, moving from shady spot to shady spot to in front of the fan and back again. I decided to give her my CooLooP, and amazingly she fell in love with it immediately. If Roxxy could speak, I'm sure she would thank you from the bottom of her heart! Valerie Toronto, ON

  • To be honest, I was reluctant to try the CooLooP after trying other cooling devices claiming to be this or that, which were most difficult to remove after tying a knot around my neck. I truly appreciate the simplicity and easy to use design of the CooLooP. Besides, I really don't think tying a knot around my neck is safe. Clark S. Toronto, ON

  • I'm still amazed every time I wear my CooLooP! It's really easy to use, and it really works! Paul N. Ottawa, ON

  • I live in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province, a coastal city of some 1 million people in South Africa. While in Prince George over Xmas I happened to come upon the CooLooP scarf and brought one back home to South Africa with me. It has been hot and humid here and since emailing you I've even slept with my CooLooP on. I have worn my CooLooP everywhere on every hot day with great satisfaction. I am just thankful that I didn't give it away! Mrs. Jenny B., Port Elizabeth, South Africa




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02 July 2013

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